Competitive Grant Program in Bone Research

An independently-reviewed competitive grant program supported by Amgen to fund innovative research improving quality of osteoporosis care and patient outcomes


Amgen is delighted to announce the launch of the Competitive Grant Program in Bone Research, which will provide an opportunity for investigators from around the world to compete for individual grants of up to 150,000 USD for novel research proposals that seek to improve quality of osteoporosis care and patient outcomes.

The program is global in reach and is open to proposals from established and junior investigators*.

The deadline for applications is Friday, June 28th, 2019 (11:59 pm PT).

*Junior investigators should be within 5 years of completion of training

In Scope Proposals

The Competitive Grant Program in Bone Research aims to improve quality of osteoporosis care and patient outcomes, related to osteoporosis screening, diagnosis, and adherence to therapy.

Specific predefined areas of research eligible for a Competitive Grant Program in Bone Research award include:

  • Longitudinal data describing long-term (5+ years) osteoporosis care relative to the diverse guidelines.
  • Effectiveness of post-fracture care programs demonstrated at a regional or global level (e.g., successfully implemented approaches and techniques, cost savings realized).
  • Delivery of optimal care for osteoporosis in the primary care setting (e.g., patient/physician dialogue, patient disease education, disease recognition).
  • Impact of osteoporosis on patient quality of life, including loss of independence.
  • Health system interventions to improve screening rates in high-risk osteoporosis patients.
  • Novel tools and approaches beyond bone-density scanning (dual X-ray absorptiometry) to identify high-risk osteoporosis patients.
  • Solutions to improve patient adherence to their osteoporosis care regimen (e.g., ways to recognize and correct non-compliance).

Out of Scope Proposals

The following topics are considered out of scope and thus are not eligible for the Competitive Grant Program in Bone Research:

  • All proposals not related to osteoporosis and the eligible predefined areas of research (see In Scope Proposals).
  • Any research proposal involving use of specific osteoporosis medications.

Review Process  

An Independent Review Committee (IRC) composed of external, internationally-renowned experts in the fields of bone mineral research and osteoporosis care will be responsible for reviewing all eligible proposals and selecting final funded proposals.

Application Guide

For full details about the Competitive Grant Program in Bone Research, including research scope, eligibility criteria, contract requirements, budget information, and how to apply, please download the full application brochure here.

Download Full Application Brochure

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Time to Apply  

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